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Smart Lighting Strategies, Reports, Solutions

 Strategy, Business Development, Financing/M&A/CEO Advisory

Alumage Advisors is a strategic advisory services firm who has delivered >$1.2B in contracts worldwide, following successful careers as serial entrepreneurs, investors and F1000 executives.  Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of LED lighting for commercial and industrial (C&I) Smart Lighting applications, estimated by Alumage to be $11-14B by 2020.

We are focused on increasing shareholder value by delivering "Big Deals" (in the $2-50M range) and developing winning business, product & channel strategies for our clients.

Alumage Advisors combines end-user market/ROI requirements and extensive knowledge of emerging technologies within the SSL ecosystem, with in-depth analysis of our clients’ core competencies, in delivering specific and measurable, revenue-generating strategies.

NOTE: Alumage Advisors is pleased to announce we have been selected to deliver a presentation 

“Increasing Market Value & Exit Opportunities in Connected Lighting”, 

during the Strategies-in-Light Conference February 13-15, 2018 in Long Beach, CA.  

Alumage At-A-Glance

Our complete suite of executive-level services includes:

  • Big Deals in the $2-50M Range
    • Strategic OEM partnerships
    • Investment financing from equity, debt and corporate sources
    • M&A/consolidation/spin-out advisory services
    • Patent licensing & sales

  • CEO Advisory Services

  • Product, Technology & IP Strategy
    • Monetizing the value proposition
    • Business plan optimization and due diligence

  • Asia Manufacturing Qualification and OEM/ODM/Channel Partnerships

From 2013-2016, Alumage Advisors published the industry's only C&I Smart Lighting Product & Pricing Reports, recognized by the U.S.  DoE as "...the most comprehensive databases we have seen".

Today, our Private Client Reports leverage our continuously updated database and executive relationships throughout the industry toward providing company-specific product and channel strategies, while executing "Big Deals" for our clients.  

Let us demonstrate how Alumage can increase your shareholder value via our Strategy, Business Development and Financing/M&A/CEO advisory services.