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LED C & I Smart Lighting Report, Price Watch & Analytics (Details)

The LED C&I Smart Lighting Report represents the most comprehensive comparison of ~1,100 products & 40 product features in the industry and includes:


Smart Lighting Attributes, including Controls, Dimming, Sensors, etc.

- Extended photometric (IES), electrical, mechanical and thermal performance

- Certifications, warranties, L70 and environment ratings, "Made in USA"

- Listings of LED and DRIVER components used in most products

- Published Bi-Monthly - new manufacturers/products and Trak Change(TM) - changes in hyperlinks, specifications, certifications, etc.

LED C&I Price Watch(TM) includes a family of 50+ pricing curves and associated scatterplot data:

- 2013 vs 2014 vs 2015 Pricing, 2015 Pricing (expanded), 2015 Lumens/$, Quarterly Pricing Comparisons

- Pricing vs. Luminaire Style (Modular, Linear, Pendant, E39/40)

- Pricing vs. Environment Rating (Dry/Damp, Wet, NSF/Vapor Tight, Hazardous)

- No.America/Europe vs Asia Pricing

LED C&I Analytics highlight important industry trends in technology deployment and overall design of LED Smart Luminaires >10,000 lumens.

Incorporating the latest update of our 44,000 field database, this bi-monthly Report includes:

- Bar graph analysis of 20 key performance metrics, including smart lighting and controls

- Summary of new products added each month, as well as those captured by Trak Change(TM)

- Slide format...additional Report details below.   FREE with subscription to C&I-SL.

LED C&I Analytics is a Bar Graph Summary Analysis of 20 Key Performance Parameters, including:

- Smart Lighting Attributes (Controls, Dimming, Sensors, etc.)

- Lumen Output Distribution, Lumens/Watt Distribution, Lumens/Pound Distribution, Lumen Density Distribution

- L70 Distribution, Warranty Distribution, Environmental Ratings Distribution, Fixture Options Distribution

- Beam Angles Distribution, Voltage Options Distribution, LED Vendors Distribution, DRIVER Vendors Distribution

- (Available only with "C&I-SL" subscription)