Alumage Advisors, LLC

Smart Lighting Strategies, Reports, Solutions

 Connected Lighting/IoT & Horticulture Strategies, Partnerships & CEO Advisory

Alumage Advisors provides Strategy and Partnership Services to

the Connected Lighting/IoT and Horticulture Ecosystems of Manufacturers, Investors and Channel Partners alike.  

In serving >75 Clients since 2010, we have

Profiled >300 Lighting Ecosystem Manufacturers, 

Identified >500 VC-Financed IoT Companies, and  

  Evaluated >5,000 High Lumen Output and Smart Lighting Products. 


Alumage Advisors will be presenting 

Increasing Market Value & Exit Opportunities in Connected Lighting, Horticulture & Other Emerging Markets, 

again this year, during the Strategies-in-Light Conference, February 27-March 1 in Las Vegas, NV

Alumage Services

Alumage combines extensive industry knowledge, relationships, and $1.2B in deals experience 

with in-depth analysis of our clients’ core competencies, 

in delivering Revenue-Generating, Value-Creating Strategies & Partnerships. 




Lighting Ecosystem








"High Lumen Output",

Smart Lighting Products

Since 2013

("...the most comprehensive database of its kind we have seen"  U.S. DoE)

 Services Include

Thriving via "Niche Differentiation" Strategies

Best-in-Class "Value Multipliers"

CEO Advisor & Advisory Board

Strategic Partnering/Business Development

M&A/Spin-Out/Consolidation Advisory

Investment from Private Equity & Corporate Sources

Increasing Clients' Shareholder Value

Combined with earlier successes in semiconductor, sensor, wireless and network infrastructure companies (today's IoT),

we have increased shareholder value by $2.6B with focused strategies and their timely execution.

* Includes product & financing strategies, related transactions, CEO advisory, reports/briefings, and advisory boards.

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